International School Haarlem

Name of School International School Haarlem
Headmaster Marian Schreppers / Hannah Mansbridge
Contact Person Marian Schreppers
Address Schreveliusstraat 27, 2014 XP Haarlem
Telephone +31232200001
Type of Education Dutch International School (primary and secondary department)
Language of Instruction  English
Type of Qualification IPC-member, IB candidate
Age Range 4-14 years (starting with MYP1, 2 and 3 in September 2018)
Composition of Student Body  international
Total Number of Pupils 81 in February 2018
Total Number of Teachers 8
Average Class Size 20
School Fees 4500 for primary department
Other Fees 200 application fee
Admission Requirements see website
Entrance  throughout the year
Counsellor  Sarah Hoekman
Stream change  yes
Further education possibilities yes
School Hours  8.30-14.45, Wed: 8.30-12.30
Transport  no
Holidays  see website
Comments The International School Haarlem opened its doors in September 2017.