International School Groningen

of School
International School Groningen
Headmaster Mr. M.B. Weston
Admissions/Contact Person Mr. M.B. Weston
Address Postbus 6105, 9702 HC  Groningen
Telephone +31 (0)50 5340084
Telefax n.a.
Type of Education International Baccalaureate Middle Year & Diploma Programmes
Language of Instruction English
Type Qualification
Age Range 11-18 years
Total Number of Pupils 200
Total Number of Teachers 30
Average Class Size
School Fees 7250 per school year + 200 (one off) registration fee
Other Fees  School Trips / Extra curricular activities
Admission + Advised Entrance Dates
Admission Requirements
Admission Deadlines
Counsellor Mr. M.B. Weston
Possibilities of Stream Changes
Further Education Possibilities
School Hours (daily schedule) 8.20 – 16.50
Transport to and from School No
School Holiday Periods 6 weeks Summer / 1 week October / 2 weeks December / 1 week February / 2 weeks May