Gifted Minds International School

Name of School Gifted Minds International School
Headmaster Ramesh Mahalingam
Admissions/Contact Person Miss Salma
Address Opaallaan 1190, 2132 LH
Telephone 023 888 8874
Type of Education International, Primary
Language of Instruction English
Type of Qualification IB/PYP accredited
Age range 3 – 12
Student Body Yes
Total Number of Pupils 120
Total number of teachers 25
Class size 24


School Fees

1. Uses Singapore Math which consistently tops the international benchmarking studies for Math teaching
2. Local & International Field Trips: IB themed base related field trips that promote real-life learnings outside the classroom, Swimming, 19 Extra-Curricular Activities, 1-1 tablet, Drama, Art, Music, Physical Education(PE), Information Technology (IT), STEAM, English as an Additional Language (EAL), Library, Special Needs, Dutch, French

Other Fees NIL
Admission No waiting list
Advised Entrance Dates Throughout the year
Counsellor NA
Possibilities of Stream Change NA
Further Education Possibilities Yes
School Hours (daily schedule) 27 hours/week
Transport to and from School Yes (3 Bus Routes from Amsterdam via Amstelveen to Hoofddorp)
School Holiday Periods
Comments We are pleased to announce that GMIS students performed well above the United States norm. GMIS has been ranked at or above many of schools globally in the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP)test. The MAP test is given in Mathematics, Reading, Fluency, Science, and language usage. Further information is available on: