The Japanese School of Amsterdam

Name of School The Japanese School of Amsterdam
Headmaster Mr. S. Ogonuki
Admissions/Contact Person Ms. N. Totsuka
Address Karel Klinkenbergstraat 137, 1061 AL Amsterdam
Telephone +31 (0)20 61 181 36
Type of Education Japanese Primary and Secondary Education
Language of Instruction Japanese
Type of Education Japanese Junior High School Diploma
Age range 6 – 15
Composition of Student Body mostly Japanese nationals
Total Number of Pupils 200
Total Number of Teachers 26
Average Class Size 20
Activities sports day, student performance day, exchange programmes, school camp, etc.
School Fees 2011-2012 € 4,200.- per year
Other fees schoolbus fee € 1,800.- per year
Facility fee € 360.- per year
Application fee € 300.- (once only)
Advised Entrance Dates any time of the school year
Admission Requirements knowledge of the Japanese language
Admission Deadlines none
Counsellor Headmaster
Possibilities of Stream Change none
Further Education Possibilities Senior High School (International or Japanese)
Situation of School situated to the west of Amsterdam
School Hours (daily schedule) 8.30 – 15:45
Transport to and from School school bus
School Holiday Periods Summer: 5 weeks; Autumn: 1 week; Winter: 2 weeks; Spring: 3 weeks
Additional Information The JSA offers, in accordance with the
curriculum stipulatd by the Japanese
Ministry of Education, primary and
secondary education for Japanese
children living in the Netherlands. In
addition, Dutch tuition is part of the
curriculum from first to sixth grade and
English tuition from first to ninth